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Vessel crew
Basabdutta Bose
Senior Contract Manager Office
"I feel proud of my job when I think of the impact we create. To know how important a piece of the puzzle we are, in the quest towards building clean and cheap offshore energy." Meet Basabdutta Bose
Tyrone Sexton
Mechanic at Wind Osprey Vessel crew
A vessel is like a massive clock of cogs. And a large clock, needs a lot of cogs to work! Meet Tyrone Sexton
Matthew Christie
Master at Wind Osprey Vessel crew
"The strong teamwork is what makes us achieve great things." Meet Matthew Christie
Henning Andersen
Master of Wind Orca Vessel crew
“A good leader is one, who can get the team to reach the set targets and who understands that without the individual, the team wouldn’t work.” Meet Henning Andersen
Willemijn Botman
Project Engineer Office
I am a ‘curious engineer’ at heart, and I always strive to be solution oriented. Meet Willemijn Botman
Liam Petch
Master of Orca Vessel crew
“Whenever I get the chance to fly over or sail past a wind park that we had a hand in building, it gives me this amazing sense of purpose.” Meet Liam Petch
Hristo Hristov
Technical Designer Office
“It feels great to know that today we will install one more wind turbine that will power up thousands of homes with renewable, clean energy.” Meet Hristo Hristov
Jens Rohn
Master of Wind Osprey Vessel crew
“I like the complexity of the vessel and the challenge of operating it” Meet Jens Rohn
Peter Sundell
Procurement Manager Office
Pride Week Copenhagen, 2022: "I'm fortunate to work at an office where I can be my true self, but there are still many reasons to raise the flag" Meet Peter Sundell
Rasmus Panton
Senior Project Engineer Office
The continuously increasing turbine sizes pushes the technical requirements for vessels, and as an engineer I need to find the ideal solutions to ensure the best vessel capabilities. Meet Rasmus Panton
Matthew Offredy
Electro-technical Officer on Wind Orca installation vessel Vessel crew
As an ETO, we are always in high demand, constantly being radioed for assistance and when faults occur it's of paramount importance to be able to avoid downtime. Meet Matthew Offredy
Andrew McMorrow
Mechanic/Jacking Engineer on the Wind Orca WTG installation vessel Vessel crew
Mechanical ability, understanding and logical thinking are the foundation of the job. Working with heavy machinery means right planning, cooperation and team spirit to ensure the progress required on board. Meet Andrew McMorrow
Bo Lauridsen
Head of HSEQ Office
“Safety is not just about compliance, it’s also about being proactive and constantly looking for improvements” Meet Bo Lauridsen
Auriane Buffet
Technical Sales Engineer Office
“I had a very progressive and smooth integration into my different roles and was surrounded by nice and professional colleagues Meet Auriane Buffet
Can Mollaibrahimoglu
Project Engineer Office
“I am grateful to be able to take part in offshore windfarm installation and act for a more sustainable future." Meet Can Mollaibrahimoglu