Andrew McMorrow

Before joining Cadeler in 2014, I worked as an engineer on international deep-sea freezer trawlers. It was here where I developed my sea legs and passion for machinery, which also ignited my drive to absorb knowledge and enhance my experience. Another bonus that unfurled in my younger years was that through my employer at the time, I had the opportunity to train and certify as a coded welder. This has been handy throughout my career.


When I’m at work I use my skills to …?

Ensure I do the best possible job that I can and carry it out in the safest manner possible. This requires implementing my skills in various ways, so I would struggle to put my finger on one specific area or skill set. I would say though that everyone on board uses their unique skills in their way. This even comes down to the individuals within the department.

I take a step forward when I …

Am a team player with a flexible and dynamic approach (I know this sounds like a cliché, but it is so true). Mechanical ability, understanding and logical thinking are the foundation of the job; however, working with large, heavy machinery means the correct planning, cooperation, and the ability to work with different departments is essential for the smooth and safe progress that is required on-board.

In the future my main focus will be …?

The continued success of the vessel and company. As we say in Ireland ‘May the road rise to meet us.

When I’m off work, I like to …?

Spend time with my family and make the most of what my alluringly majestic, beautiful area of Ireland has to offer. I take part in local sports, am a member of the Gaelic football club and play amateur soccer, as well as enjoying sea angling and cold-water swimming.

While on board, there is a positive atmosphere amongst my colleagues. After work, we like to go to the on-board gym or watch a film in the cinema room. This is good for morale as it builds a sense of community and togetherness. We are more than work colleagues on the Wind Orca. We are a tight-knit group of friends.

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