• HSEQ

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Cadeler is committed to providing the highest level of safety management in everything we do. Operating without harm to people, the environment and our assets are central to planning and conducting all operations. Everyone who works with Cadeler has a personal responsibility for the global community and must act in accordance with the Company Code of Conduct.
Operating with extremely heavy equipment in a harsh and ever-changing environment at sea can be a challenging affair. Following a set of best practise health, safety and environmental procedures are fundamental to our business. However, good systems and processes are not enough to adequately manage the risks, prevent accidents and improve our safety and environmental performance. Competent personnel who are committed to improving HSEQ performance will always be the core basis for Cadeler’s success.

The Cadeler Health and Safety governing principles

All personnel are responsible for safety and empowered to stop the job if there is any uncertainty in relation to safety. Top management stands behind this and ensures full support if any person stops a job, they deem unsafe.

We report and follow up on all unwanted events and conditions, should there be any accidents, spills, near-misses, non-conformities, and improvement opportunities, related to safety, environment and quality.

Activities are conducted in compliance with all legislative requirements as well as in accordance with relevant industry & international management standards where applicable.

Cadeler top management is personally involved in, and committed to promoting a good HSEQ culture. This includes a focus on client satisfaction and continuous improvement.

A risk-based approach is used to ensure efficient resource utilisation within all areas of HSEQ.

Cadeler’s HSEQ management system is an integrated system. This means all relevant management aspects for an activity, irrespective of discipline/topic, are included in the various process descriptions. The system is accessible for all personnel, to be transparent and enabling knowledge sharing across the company

Cadeler applies the “Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA)” concept across activities and processes. This includes reviews, audits, lessons learned sessions, process KPIs, and more. The PDCA concept is an integral part of the continuous improvement culture.

We are fighting climate change every day, one turbine at a time. While doing so, we do as much as we can to reduce our own environmental impact. Read more about what we do to reduce emissions here.

Certifications and Memberships

IMO & Flag-state

Cadeler and all our vessels are certified and operate in accordance with all IMO and Danish flag-state rules and regulations. This means that Cadeler and our vessels are regularly audited by DNV for compliance with the IMO ISM/ISPS/MLC codes.

ISO 9001

Cadeler is ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating that Cadeler works with quality in a structured and consistent manner to ensure a consistent high quality of Cadeler services, meeting client expectations.

ISO 14001

Cadeler is ISO 14001 certified, demonstrating that Cadeler works with environmental issues and challenges in a structured and consistent manner to protect the environment Cadeler operates in from impacts caused by our activities.

ISO 45001

Cadeler is ISO 45001 certified, demonstrating that Cadeler works with occupational health and safety in a structured and consistent manner to protect the health and safety of all personnel onboard our vessels and ashore.

IMCA Membership

Cadeler is a full member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). This gives Cadeler access to knowledge built up over time by marine contractors and supports us conducting our activities effectively; IMCA also gives us the opportunity to share our experiences through the various technical workgroups. On an annual basis, Cadeler is independently audited/inspected by IMCA approved eCMID auditors.

IJUBOA Membership

Cadeler is a member of the International Jack-Up Barge Operators Association (IJUBOA).