Matthew Christie, Master at Wind Osprey

"The strong teamwork is what makes us achieve great things."

What motivates you in your job?

I like to see that the job is done efficiently and safely. When everything is running smoothly the job becomes very simple.  

I think most sailors are motivated by similar things. We all like to see the end product of our work such as a completed wind farm. But ultimately, we all work away to provide a good standard of living for our families who are waiting for us back home.

How did you end up where you are today?  

I grew up in Scarborough on the East Coast of England where I studied nautical studies and marine navigation.  At the age of 16, I began my Cadet with Shell tankers, qualifying as an Officer of the Watch at 19.  I then went on to join Maersk sailing on gas carriers followed by container vessels where I also gained my master’s certificate. Later I made the switch to Swire Blue Ocean, now Cadeler, sailing as Chief Officer followed by Senior Chief Officer and now as Master.


Have there been any experiences offshore that have felt particularly meaningful and formed you as a person?

I’ve experienced lots of things in my time onboard Cadelers two vessels. I remember the first time I assisted as Master and took charge of the vessel. It was a huge responsibility which I embraced and really enjoyed.

It felt good to take part in the Aberdeen offshore wind farm installation where we were jacking the vessel up in challenging soil conditions with penetrations of more than 20 meters. I helped to develop the jacking procedure for this project and when everything ran smoothly and efficiently it felt like a great achievement for us all.

What makes you feel proud? 

I feel proud to work onboard two of the most state-of-the-art vessels around even still 10 years on. I am proud to work for a company that is heading in the right direction.  And I also feel proud to see other colleagues thriving and assisting in the development and training of others.

What is the best part about working offshore?

We do have great facilities onboard, and I have great colleagues and friends that make life much more enjoyable when spending long periods offshore.  The strong teamwork is what makes us achieve great things. But heading home when you are on leave to see your family. That is the best feeling.

Have you experienced any challenges or tough decisions at your time offshore? And how did you manage to come across these?

There are always challenges and tough decisions to make offshore. One day you are checking to see if you have a weather window or you are sailing in marginal conditions. The next, you are dealing with technical difficulties or sailing short handed to enable a crew member to depart as planned. But with a calm head and taking a step back to see the big picture, these difficult decisions become much simpler.

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