• Our O-class vessels: Designed for the future of offshore wind

Our O-class vessels: Wind Osprey and Wind Orca

Our two highly adaptable and well-maintained O-class vessels provide a safe, efficient, and reliable solution for your windfarm installation, maintenance, and decommissioning projects. Their advanced specifications set the new industry benchmark for vessel transit speed, lifting capability, DP station keeping and jacking speed, offering a significantly improved operating weather window. They are fitted with high-quality equipment, supported by advanced preventative maintenance systems, and incorporate a significant level of operating redundancy. Safety is enhanced through a 6-leg design that allows them to operate even on sites with the most challenging seabed conditions.

With a large cargo area and high-capacity deck loading, our vessels offer considerable flexibility in the transport and installation of turbines and foundations of all types and sizes that are currently on the market. They are operated with the maximum level of precision by experienced crews and offer highly functional facilities for the crews onboard. 

Wind Osprey and Wind Orca are both equipped with cranes with a lifting capacity of 1,200 metric tons and a 132 meter hook height above deck. The boom has a simplified design focused on providing efficient wind turbine installations, with optimisations driven by experience. These specifications make them capable of handling the new generation of wind turbine generators (WTGs) including the SG 11.0-193 DD, V164-10.0 MW, V174-9.5 MW and GE Haliade-X 12MW.

New Cranes: Lifting the new generation of turbines

The wind turbines are sizing up, and so are the demands for even larger cranes with higher specifications. By the beginning of 2024, both our O-class vessels will be ready to operate with new improved cranes capable of handling the next generation of turbines.

The new cranes will have a lifting capacity of 1,600 metric tons at a radius of 40 meters. The main hook will be able to reach 160 meters above the main deck and is therefore a substantial upgrade from the current vessel cranes.

Technical Specifications
Wind Osprey
Technical Specifications
Wind Orca