• P-class vessels: Building our green future

Designed to operate with the most advanced equipment in the industry

By Q3 of 2024 and Q2 of 2025, our two new P-Class vessels will be ready. The first P-class vessel to arrive will be named Wind Peak and the second Wind Pace.

Wind Peak and Wind Pace are designed to operate at some of the most difficult sites around the globe and with the most advanced equipment in the industry. The vessels will offer increased transit capacity, lowering the energy intensity of installation, reducing installation time and thereby lowering total cost of installing offshore wind farms.

With a deck space of 5,600m2, a payload of over 17,600 tons and main crane capacity of above 2,000 tons at 53 meters, the two new hybrid, cyber-secure vessels are very attractive to the industry. Wind Peak and Wind Pace will be able to transport and install seven complete 15MW turbine sets per load or five sets of 20+ MW turbines, cutting down the number of trips needed for each project, thus accelerating installation speed and minimizing the carbon footprint. The vessels will have a 5,600 m2 deck space and can accommodate 130 people.

Our new P-class vessels are designed to emit significantly less carbon per turbine installation than current industry standards. You can read more about our environmental responsibility here. 

Wind Peak, arriving in Q3 af 2024, has already been contracted for one of the largest offshore windfarms in the world: The 1.4 GW “Sofia” offshore wind power park in the North Sea, owned by RWE. For this project Cadeler will assist Siemens Gamesa with the transport and installation of 100 wind turbines of a size of 14 MW.


Technical Specifications
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